About Reaper Financial

About Reaper Financial

Reaper Financial and RPR Token serve the digital ecosystem as a natural market regulation tool for a decentralized economy. By unleashing the natural aspect of death upon an artificially created universe we serve to preserve the value of every entity within. While digital economies are known for their volatility, The Reaper seeks to remove the excess and unvalued assets in order to prevent violent market swings. Reaper Financial accomplishes this mission through a decentralized voting mechanism in which the value of RPR is used to purchase and destroy the undervalued assets.

Because all assets destroyed are purchased at market value, no investors are damaged in the process of a Reaping; only those projects whose reputation and credibility warrants reaping are eligible as a means of protecting all parties involved. Reaper Financial is a responsible partner of the community of which we are a part and will at no time take action that is not for the betterment of the community at large. As members of the XRP Ledger, we are a carbon neutral and environmentally considerate solution to excess both in the digital universe and the tactile facsimile in which we live.

- The Reaper Team -

The Executives

Samuel Wagner

Chief Financial Officer

Ian Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

Fred Rispoli

Chief Legal Counsel

The Board Of Advisors

Shawn Riley

Chairman Of The Board

Dorman Bazzell

Board Of Advisors

Fadi Fadhil

Board Of Advisors

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