Frequently Asked Questions

Reaper Token

RPR is the native Cryptocurrency of Reaper Financial which represents voting power in a market regulation mechanism.

Reaper Financial LLC was founded by Patrick L. Riley in October 2021.

To learn how RPR functions, please review our whitepaper and tokenomics.

The Permanent DRIP Fund (PDF for short) is a trust fund managed by Reaper Financial on behalf of the RPR token holders. The goal of the PDF is to be safely invested to earn a yield which will be shared amongst the RPR token holders.

Since the FTX fiasco and Centralized Exchange instability, the PDF has been on a cold storage wallet (100% in XRP at this time), growing after each reaping, although not earning a yield at this time. We are looking forward to the XLS-30d XRPL amendment (Automated Market Maker) and considering using the PDF to earn yield leveraging this AMM functionality.

In the Short term we want to build out RPR voting systems and list on at least three centralized exchanges. A medium time-frame goal is to establish ourselves as the definitive profit-driver during a bear-market. Our long-term goal is to expand from Cryptocurrency into the Stock-market and all other areas of digital assets.

There are multiple strategies you can employ to make profit by leveraging RPR at your own risk.

New RPR are minted by the founders on a monthly basis at a rate of no-more-than 1,000,000 RPR tokens per month.

The price of RPR is determined by the free market.