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When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, he wasn’t simply designing a financial program. Bitcoin was the first ‘solid’ object in a digital universe. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto was fully aware of it or not, in the creation of successful Cryptocurrency he became the grand architect of a burgeoning universe. Though the digital universe or Metaverse may be grand and beautiful, there are lessons from our own universe that we must heed. Permanence breeds contempt. If we lived forever in our current life, would we still value life? Or, as Reaper Financial contends, does death itself give value to life? It took millions of years for the Earth to learn this lesson and evolve the bacteria necessary to decompose fungi and plants, but in that decomposition was the nutrients, minerals, and DNA that gave birth to new forms of life. 

The digital universe has been flourishing with unchecked growth in the same way as the failing fiat system. Without the duality of life and death it has become polluted, full of waste and projects that harm the health of the ecosystem, and far worse have at times victimized those who spent their finite time and resources on them. The Reaper understands that death is also sanitation; a universe, nation, or city can only reach its true potential when there is a mechanism for maintaining sustainability. Death is the natural order by which creation is maintained.


Reaper Financial provides an economic engine through which those who are wise will use their share of RPR tokens to vote on the destruction of their debtor accounts or digital tokens. One RPR token equals one vote. On a monthly basis Reaper will increase the total supply by one million tokens and sell that supply at market value. The one-million tokens is distributed by the number of Reapings per month. 100,000 newly minted tokens are sent to Reaper Financial as tokens to be used at the company’s discretion; this ensures long-term sustainability and ecosystem support. 900,000 are sold at market per month to generate Reaping and DRIP funds. 50% of the sale proceeds from the release of RPR are used to buy at market price the tokens in equal shares per RPR vote. All tokens or debts that receive votes will be Reaped relative to the number of votes received. The tokens acquired at market value are then Reaped, i.e. Burnt, Blackholed, or Permanently Disposed of. Reaping addresses are published for record allowing for analysis and proof of the Reaping.

Tokens acquired that would lose greater than five percent of the holding in transfer fees are held until the cost of the burn transaction is less than five percent.

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PHASE II - Distributed Reaper Income Payments - DRIP

The additional 50% of RPR proceeds are assigned in equal parts (25%/25%) to the DRIP Stimulus and Permanent DRIP Fund. The 25% DRIP Stimulus is immediately distributed to the holders of RPR based on a per RPR basis. The funds are distributed as XRP. The additional 25% is sent to the Permanent DRIP Fund. This fund is managed by Reaper Financial while RPR holders are the beneficiaries. If at any point the interest generated by the fund during a Reaping period (time from one reaping to the next) is greater than the 25% DRIP Stimulus, the fund will take over the DRIP distribution and the Stimulus will cease. At that time all 50% of sale proceeds will be deposited to the Permanent DRIP Fund.

Reaper Financial does not guarantee any specific rate of return from the DRIP, however Reaper Financial receives a significant portion of company income by maintaining its own RPR tokens in the development wallet an these tokens also receive the DRIP. Because Reaper Financial has a mutually aligned benefit scenario to all RPR holders, the company will strive to ensure the balance of the best interest-bearing accounts within the safest possible environments. Currently the Fund is diversified between USDC stable coin and XRP.

* As beneficiaries, should Reaper Financial at any time be forced by any unforeseen circumstances to cease operations, the total balance of the Permanent DRIP Fund will be distributed to RPR holders. This Fund is not the property of Reaper Financial.

* As fund management, Reaper Financial reserves the right to modify and diversify the Permanent DRIP Fund to optimize performance or hedge against volatility.

PHASE III – Every Vote Counts

Life is not fair, but death is. Whether in finance or politics many people feel as though their voice is not heard and their vote does not matter. Reaper Financial aims to fix this, not only could our working Blockchain voting mechanism restore confidence in elections, but it will also assist us to restore an individual’s confidence and competence in personal finance. Reaper Financial’s economic system based on blockchain technology is both transparent and instantly auditable.

Every RPR vote is equal to ‘48.5% of proceeds divided by the total number of votes’ and every RPR held on a Trustline will receive DRIP equal to ‘total distribution funds divided by total supply of RPR’. This means that in an impoverished area where an individual can only afford $2 of RPR, the benefit to them is relative to their contribution and therefore equally beneficial to their cost of living and quality of life as a person who is able to afford more. No single RPR holder has any undue economic advantage over another.

Centralized exchanges that do not allow for Trustlines will not distribute the DRIP to individuals; it is Reaper Financial’s highest recommendation that all funds be secured in self custody wallets with Trustlines where applicable. This is a best practice in all Digital Assets.
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PHASE IV – Debt Reaping

Using proprietary technology developed by Dakota Rings© software development and in Partnership with the OpenBlock.Group© Reaper Financial aims to bring the advent of Debt Reaping to market in 4th Quarter 2022. Through a web application plug-in Reaper Financial will provide a tool for RPR holders to register and import the account and routing numbers of liability accounts and associate them directly to their Trustline Address. This application will enable RPR holders to Reap their own personal debts with the percentage of the Reaping funds relative to their holdings of RPR.

PHASE V – Stable Foundations

The implication of Debt Reaping will be life changing to individuals who integrate it into their personal finances, but the purpose of Reaper is not to simply enrich a few individuals, it is to provide a stable and sustainable ecosystem where-by all can thrive. In the United States small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses and it is not unfair to say that the well-being of the nation is wholly dependent on these businesses’ success. Data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more.

The average small business profit margin is only seven to ten percent, some being much smaller where in services or the food industry. The basic issue all businesses experience is that they are spending more money on inventory and debts than they are able to bring in from profit. A small business using a percentage of its net profits to build a RPR holding fund would enable it to protect against down-turns in profit, increase its Debt bearing capabilities, and earn a passive income. In short, the company’s RPR holdings would become a stable foundation for it to protect against external factors such as pandemics, civil strife, regulatory changes, or force majeure and buys the business the most valuable asset, time to adjust to the markets.

Reaper Financial will engage directly with small business owners by building out Reaper engagement teams. Representative teams will be well versed in the products and applications of Reaper Financial with the ability to explain the benefits and model to all different manner of at risk businesses and individuals. The state of living or operating on a month-to-month basis is an illness in our society that we aim to cure through financial tools and education.

PHASE VI – Charting a Course

Banking as an institution is currently in decline, demonstrated in the success of digital currencies, alternative investments, and the 2007-2008 Great Recession in which 465 banks went bankrupt. It is time for these archaic and poorly managed institutions to evolve. Reaper Financial is looking to acquire a banking institution and charter. The Reaper Financial Bank will be able to improve on and innovate in ways that no historical banking institution ever has; there is not a single Banking product that cannot be improved upon by the integration of RPR utilities.
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Checking and Savings accounts can produce real and worthwhile interest. Bonds can yield more than diminishing returns. RPR Secured Credit Cards can give a budget to your student. Home, Auto, and Personal Loans can have a snowballing debt payment against them from the moment they are lent. Not only can Reaper Banking Products assist those who wish to have smarter money, they can assist those who have no money at all. A homeless person may be lifted from the streets by a RPR backed loan at market average rate. Instead of the bank profiting from high interest rates and giving 120% Loan to Value, a Reaper Financial Bank can give zero interest loans and apply the 20% excess to the purchase of RPR which is then held in trust to that loan. The 20% RPR Mortgage Trust would then Reap the mortgage until complete and release the RPR back to the borrower at the release of the title. This means that Reaper Financial’s Bank will be able to provide the homeless with homes and a passive income without risk of default. A RPR-backed Mortgage is a secured and stable mortgage for a new economy.

PHASE VII – Developing Nations

From humble beginnings Reaping small tokens, to small debts, to small businesses and small banks; the natural evolution is to provide services to small nations. Many small nations lack the Natural Resources, Labor Force, or fundamental structures necessary to provide a high quality of life to their people. Reaper Financial can help solve this problem. Reaper Financial will aim to replace the Central Banking systems in developing nations with RPR backed accounts. This will provide those nations with the ability to Borrow Debt based on their RPR holding’s ability to handle that debt while also earning passive income. By backing their nations with RPR reserves, they are able to maintain a predictable financial posture in which extreme weather, war, and force majeure have no sway. These Nations will be afforded the opportunity to turn their previously fragile and diminishing GDP into a growing asset. Because the ability to borrow is based off RPR holdings, nations will be able to predictably set budgets while also being rewarded for under-spending as excess funds could then be reinvested to grow their future reserves.

PHASE IIX – Representation without Taxation

“Taxation without Representation” was the battle-cry of the American Patriot during the Revolutionary War. The modern dissention tropes “Taxation is Theft”. The 45th President bragged at not paying taxes, as that’s what any wealthy person aspires not to do. Of course, taxation is now far more than what the Patriot’s fought against under King George in 1775.

As the old saying goes, ‘The only thing that’s guaranteed is death and taxes’. We have good news; Reaper Financial will see the death of taxes. A RPR reserve backed nation is no longer in need of funds from its citizens, it makes its funds simply by borrowing debt and spending the funds that it borrows responsibly. A nation that limits it spending to 75% of borrowed Reapable Debt can then re-invest the 25% into RPR, which means it will be able to borrow more the next year while earning a greater passive income. Citizens who keep what they earn are happy and productive citizens, and nations that are tax-free are nations that bring in foreign investment.
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PHASE IX – Ending the Fed?

Since the onset of the Federal Reserve private banking system in 1913 and the Modern Monetary Theory spawned after Nixon removed the U.S. Dollar from the Gold-Standard in 1971, it is difficult to argue that quality of life has not improved. For all the opposition to the Federal Reserve, they rarely get the credit they deserve for creating a system where people were truly allowed to thrive; indeed, a lot has changed in the last 109 years. That said, the problem with the Federal Reserve is not that they are unaccountable as a private entity, but rather it is that they are accountable to greed and need. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury continuously print money, and the flat mathematical result is that they will need to print more tomorrow.

The solution to the Federal Reserve is not a revolution, it’s open and honest competition with a peer competitor. While the BRICS alliance aims to step into the arena in the East as a competing Global Reserve Currency, at Reaper Financial we have a different perspective; both the Federal Reserve and BRICS are and will continue to be prone to over-printing and inflation rather than scarcity. As Reaper Financial achieves market penetration similar to the success of the ‘World Bridge’ Currency XRP, we will be looking to be of service to all nations as a hedge against their own over-spending. Both the United States and BRICS will be issuing a CBDC and Reaper Financial will position itself to address the over-printing and inflation of the global currencies.

PHASE X – The Next Generation

In the seven seasons of Gene Roddenberry’s visionary classic Star Trek: The Next Generation money was mostly referred to when acknowledging the Ferengi; a vile and greedy species that was a satirical and philosophical dig at humans in the 21st century. Only on a few passing occasions was it hinted at that humans had their own system of currency called ‘credits’ which were regarded as relatively meaningless and abundant. What system of economic freedom was Roddenberry referring to in which everyone had money and yet no one truly needed it? The system Reaper Financial is building. In the near future, jobs of all sorts will be replaced with programs, automation, and robotics. By implementing a kill mechanism into the economy, we create avenues for enrichment and wealth that do not include the necessity of labor or work.
New currency in the fiat economy is not created by work, but instead by debts as loans are approved by lenders. This means that for the velocity of money to continue, there needs to be debt in the world, and yet many less people will be in a traditional work force. This is a system in need of work-life balance. With a Reaper economic model (The Next GenerationTM Model) a person may be able to simply contribute enough to society to earn a sum of RPR which can then become their base of a growable income with which to purchase assets. Every RPR derives its value from the duality that it took the place of something which was sacrificed, through the introduction of death to the financial system, we are able to give people that which is most valuable: time to live, time to enjoy their lives, and the freedom to pursue their dreams.
In summary, Reaper Financial is here to create an entirely new economic system in which there is a balanced approach between the creation and the destruction of wealth. It is our willingness to destroy value that gives us the power to create value. Fear not The Reaper, for surely it will come – Take comfort in knowing that nothing is permanent, life is beautiful in both its infinity and its finite consumption of a point in time, ‘now I am become death, destroyer of worlds’.
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Phase 1: Reaper Buys and Burns other Tokens

You get to vote based on your RPR holdings 1 RPR: 1 Vote

Phase 2: Reaper Pays Passive Income

We send XRP after every Reaping.

Phase 3: Every RPR vote results in burning

Whatever you vote on, your vote results in a token burn.

Phase 4: Holding Reaper will pay your debts

Next, you’ll be able to vote to burn your personal Debts.

Phase 5: Stable Foundations for Small Businesses

This will help stabilize small businesses with a Debt Reaping Backing.

Phase 6: Acquiring a Banking Charter

We are looking to acquire and become a non-traditional Banking Institute.

Phase 7: Stable Foundations for Small Nations

We are going to serve as a stable foundation to nations.

Phase 8: Replacing Taxes with RPR Reserves

Taxes are not going to be needed for a prosperous society.

Phase 9: Serving the Global Reserve Currencies

We will fight inflation as a neutral third party.

Phase X: The Next Generation™ Model

Eventually, you won’t even need money to thrive.

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