Eligible Coins

Hard Slot & Passive Income Coins

The following is a list of coins that offer the opportunity to earn rewards through hard slots or passive income. Hard slot coins refer to those that are eligible for automatic DRIPs from the reaping rewards, while passive income coins allow you to earn rewards simply by holding the associated coins.

In order to earn Utilitex, you need to hold Treasury; to earn SNX, you need to hold Xoge; and to earn ASH, you need to hold XQK. Holding each of these coins not only supports their respective networks, but also yields rewards. However, it is important to note that some of these passive income coins may require additional action beyond simply holding, and we strongly advise holders to conduct their own research in this constantly evolving field to maximize their potential rewards.

It is important to set up TrustLines for all of the Hard Slots and Passive Income Coins in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on any rewards in the future. By doing so, you can benefit from the rewards offered by Ascension DRIPs. It is also recommended to visit the websites by clicking on the name of each coin to learn more about their ecosystems and the benefits of holding their associated tokens.




Additional Coins