Reaper Vote: May 4th, 2023

Here are the final reaping vote totals for May 4th to May 6th, 2023. Reaper won the vote with 27.99%. Ascension came in 2nd place with 25.67% of the vote and ARK finished in 3rd place with 8.86%.

Reaper 27.99%
10,883,906 Votes
Ascension 25.67%
9,980,339 Votes
ARK 8.86%
3,446,614 Votes
Greyhound 8.81%
3,426,523 Votes
Schmeckles 8.06%
3,133,304 Votes
StaykX 4.91%
1,909,283 Votes
xSTIK 3.31%
1,288,826 Votes
XQK 3.14%
1,219,786 Votes
Treasury 3.13%
1,218,366 Votes
SOLO 2.68%
1,040,706 Votes
XRPayNet 1.75%
681,899 Votes
Utilitex 1.08%
418,626 Votes
XRDoge 0.25%
96,620 Votes
Editions 0.16%
61,211 Votes
MWG 0.11%
43,546 Votes
FSE 0.08%
30,707 Votes
Xoge 0.00%
0 Votes
Nerian 0.00%
0 Votes
DOMI (ERC20) 0.00%
0 Votes
Xave 0.00%
0 Votes

All votes cast can be verified on the XRP Ledger with this address: rP5BuBjwJYe7J9uTh27RE8L1SwWPoSnAQy

Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper is the CTO and Owner of a web design company. Jason has over 15 years of experience in web development, web design, and online marketing. He has built and launched various successful online services with a focus on the financial sector. His wide breadth of knowledge in coding languages, marketing, business, and strategic partnership development gives him a unique edge making him a perfect fit to develop The Reaper.

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  1. Jason,

    Hello, could explain what are we voting for? I voted a few weeks ago but I’m not really clear on what I’m casting my vote for.

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